In 2003 , the INDUSMACK OF BRAZIL began producing KAPERFLEX ® tubes . A broad and diversified line of corrugated tubes targeted the needs of the domestic market . To better meet the needs of our customers , the demand of this market segment , and also ensure strong credibility to KAPERFLEX ® products , we chose to implement the factory management tool .

The ISO 9001 is the standard that we have adopted to drive MANAGEMENT SYSTEM QUALITY KAPERFLEX ® , due to its comprehensiveness and high grade requirement , besides being a benchmark in compromising with the quality demanded by the market .

Announce that on September 1, 2011 , the KAPERFLEX ® line conquered your RECERTIFICATION COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM QUALITY , based on the standard ISO 9001 version 2008.

This achievement comes attest to our commitment to quality .
This is one more step towards excellence , because our goal is not to be the biggest , but the best manufacturer of corrugated tubes .