The company

With the KAPERFLEX® product line, INDUSMACK DO BRASIL aimed at being the best choice in the corrugated tubing market in Brazil. A new brand, built upon 12 years of knowledge in the area of thermoplastic transformation, predominantly in the corrugated tubing area.

In just 6 years, with a diversified product line and range of diameters, and able to offer a solution for each individual client, INDUSMACK DO BRASIL has conquered the trust of the main national manufacturers in the automobile industry, besides companies in the major appliances and electrical sector, with KAPERFLEX® products. Working with flexibility and speed, INDUSMACK DO BRASIL is, at present, one of the best choices for the development of special products, not to mention its complete line of Technical Corrugated Pipes.

INDUSMACK DO BRASIL is continuously seeking for excellence. Constant advances in the manufacturing processes, allied with the use of new raw material and our collaborators training, have turned INDUSMACK DO BRASIL into a reference in the corrugated tubing sector. The KAPERFLEX® brand is synonymous with quality, punctuality and competitiveness, facilitating the work of our Clients.